About Asakuma

"The Demae Sushi by Asakuma" is the pioneer of the Sushi Delivery business in the United States.

Our history is originally started in Japan as "Asakuma Restaurant" and after opening the 150th stores there, we opened our first U.S. store in West Los Angeles in 1985. Since that first store opening, Asakuma Restaurant has been earning its great reputation for its taste, freshness and quality for over 25 years in the United States.

With immediate glow of Sushi popularity, we started Sushi Delivery Stores along with our restaurants in 1998, 1999 and 2000 located in Beverly Hills and Marina del Rey, to meet the demand of our customers and our delivery service is loved by a lot of people in L.A. with it's conveniences.

We provide fresh and the best quality Sushi delivered directly to your home and office, very convenient delivery system that customers no longer needs to wait standing in a long line and can same time for picking up or making decision and tell chefs what you want to order.

Also, since Sushi and Japanese Food are the most popular food in all over the world now, our menu arranges various selections which are all good and perfect for your health.

Please try our taste and service once and we guarantee you a great experience that you feel like to try again…!